Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What colours can you offer for my Dental Crowns/ Whole Veneers or Laminate Veneers?

There are more than 16 tooth colours accessible within the clinic. All shades are accessible extending from Hollywood white to natural white in conjunction with more inconspicuous tooth colours which show up exceptionally normal. All alternatives in connection to colour, plan and in general aesthetics will be discussed in details amid your meeting and the last decision is yours as to your inclination of tooth colour.

2. Can you tell me the process that will be done at the clinic?

Dental Crowns (Whole Veneers) or Laminate Veneers treatment can be completed in 3 appointments. On your first appointment, your Panoramic X-Ray will be taken and you will have a consultation with your dentists where all the suitable options for your dental treatment will be discussed with you. On your second appointment, your dentist will try your brand-new teeth to check the presentation of your teeth along with your bite. On your last appointment, the dentist will check your bite again and ensure that your new teeth are perfectly fitted.

3. How many days do I need to complete my dental treatment for Dental Crowns/ Whole Veneers or Laminate Veneers?

For the patients who are planning on dental treatment with Dental Crowns/ Whole Veneers or Laminate Veneers, it is recommended to travel for a 7-day holiday excluding your arrival and departure days. On a 7-day holiday, you will have approximately 3 dental appointments to complete your treatment which will also give us sufficient time.

1. How many times do I need to come to Turkey for my Dental Implants?

Dental treatment with Dental Implant can be completed in 2 separate visits to Turkey. On your first visit, it is recommended to travel for a 7-day holiday excluding your arrival and departure days and the time frame about when you need to come for your 2nd visit will be determined when you are at the clinic itself.

2. Can I have my tooth/ teeth extracted and place a Dental Implant at the same time?

In most cases, when the patients are in need of extractions and would like to proceed with Dental Implants, Dental Implant(s) can be placed following the extraction(s) of your tooth/ teeth

3. Do You Offer All on 4 Implants?

Yes, the clinic offers All on 4 Implants. These are special prosthetics that are created using custom-angled implants and special connectors when traditional implant treatment is not possible for patients with complete loss of teeth and when there is too much bone resorption. Thanks to temporary fixed prosthetics that are applied right after the implant surgery, patients can get their teeth in a single session. The final confirmation if the treatment can be provided in a single visit to Turkey can only be confirmed following the oral examination made by the Cosmetic Dentist.

4. Do you offer sedation?

Yes, the clinic offers sedation also known as general anesthesia to help the patients who have fear of dentist or dentistry.

1.What is In-Office Phillips Zoom®️ Professional Teeth Whitening?

Philips Zoom®️ Professional Teeth Whitening is the latest technology can be used for the patients who would like to whiten the presentation of their smile line. Unlike the traditional methods of Teeth Whitening, Philips Zoom®️ Professional Teeth Whitening is a Blue LED light- accelerated technology including the gel whitens the teeth quickly while Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) helps protecting the enamel of the teeth, shines your teeth and reduce the sensitivity. Most of our patients who had their dental treatment done with In-Office Philips Zoom®️ Professional Teeth Whitening had noticeable colour changes on their smile lines.


2.Will I feel more sensitive or my teeth will be damaged after the procedure of Laser Teeth Whitening?

As the dental team are qualified, Teeth Whitening treatment will not damage your teeth. It is normal to feel sensitivity for a few days however it will be temporary.