Pink Aesthetics


What is pink aesthetics?

One of the most essential parts of a natural, healthy and beautiful smile is the health and look of the gingiva. Healthy gingiva is light pink, tightly adherent to the teeth and bones, and situated at a proper level. “Pink aesthetics” involves the maintenance of the healthy status of the gingiva, and formation of this ideal relationship between the teeth and gingiva.
Here is the list of gingival problems that hinder aesthetics and oral-dental care:
– Gingivitis, the accompanying edematous, and the red outlook that results from gingival diseases and inadequate hygiene of the mouth,
– Thinning of the jaw bone,
– Bleeding in gingiva,
– Gingival recession, and
– “Gummy Smile,” which is defined as excessive gingival display while smiling.
It is not possible to achieve aesthetically or medically satisfying results from any dental treatment or prosthetic application that is applied on unhealthy gingiva. With various treatments applied by periodontology (gingival diseases and surgery) specialists, you will have a beautiful smile, and your oral health will be maintained at the optimal level.

Pink Aesthetics Applications

– Deep and superficial scaling
– Treatment of gingival recession with grafts
– Treatment of the thinning of the jaw bone using bone meal and tissue stimulants
– Levelling and restoration of the gingiva using lasers (Gingivectomy/Gingivoplasty) in the cases of Gummy Smile
– Application of Botox on the upper lip, or relocation of the lip, depending on the severity of the Gummy Smile case
– In cases where the frenulum between the lips and the gingiva is too wide, removal of the frenulum using a laser or through minor surgery (Frenectomy).