As the aesthetic expectations of the patients have increased, bleaching has become increasingly popular. Thanks to the bleaching treatment, teeth discolorations can be effectively eliminated, and teeth can be bleached by 2-3 shades using various agents.
While the bleaching procedure can be performed by a dentist in a clinic, it can also be performed by the patient at home. Although it is possible to obtain much more effective and quick results in the clinic, the patient can do it at home using special plates prepared by the dentist. Office-type bleaching is more effective and permanent compared to home-type bleaching.

When can the bleaching treatment be applied:

  • Common teeth discolorations
  • Darkening in the color of the teeth due to aging
  • Discolorations caused by environmental factors, such as smoking, tea, coffee
  • Fluorosis- and tetracycline-induced discolorations
  • Trauma and pulpal alterations
  • Before and after restorative treatments

When the bleaching treatment is performed by a dentist in a clinic using high-concentrated bleaching agents in a shorter time, it will become more effective and permanent, and cause less tenderness. Following the treatment, there might be some discolorations after a couple of years. The duration of the effectiveness depends on the patient’s use of tea, coffee, cigarette etc., and whether the patient has followed the dentist’s advice regarding dental care.